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Bai has Hydrophobia

09.16.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Moviehole.net has a tidbit about a movie called HYDROPHOBIA, which prompted me to look into it on IMDB. Unfortunately, you need to have IMDBpro to check out its page - but don't worry, I'm more than happy to heave the details into your lap like a drunk chick on a party boat.

First, HYDROPHOBIA's synopsis (apparently written by the film's scribe, Edward Abramson): Nick attends Malibu State College where all the social activities revolve around water. There's just one problem: Nick suffers from Hydrophobia, the fear of water. A mysterious mermaid seductively lures her victims into the water to devour them to maintain her immortal beauty. The only person who can save everyone is Nick, who must overcome his two greatest fears: water and women!

Sounds uproarious, doesn't it? It gets better. It would seem as though the mermaid will be played by Bai Ling (pictured below). Nick will be played by a dude named Carson Aune, and Nathan Phillips (the male lead in WOLF CREEK) is rumored to be in the cast. Furthermore, Mary Lambert (PET SEMETARY 1 & 2) is attached to direct. Allegedly.

I sure don't know what to make of all this - especially that wicked promo poster (apparently made for Cannes) that I found at the flick's MYSPACE page. As you can see, it's also going to be in 3-D! Can we really handle all that "Bai Ling as a mermaid" action in 3-D?! I can't f*cking wait to find out!

Extra Tidbit: I just saw Bai Ling in CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE. Perfect movie for her particular talents...
Source: IMDB



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