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Barbara Crampton set to scream Die, Maniacs, Die!

Nov. 14, 2012by: Eric Walkuski

Scream Queen Barbara Crampton - still screamin' all these years after RE-ANIMATOR - has joined DIE, MANIACS, DIE, a horror flick that also co-stars Chromeskull himself, Nick Principe.

Producers Andrea Albin and Scott Spiegel of Fatality Films will begin production in 2013 on the flick, written by Corey Schubert and Eric La Fuente. Jourdan McClure, director of Rogue River and Children of Sorrow will helm the edgy grindhouse horror film also starring new comers Blake French, Rochelle Ceilia and Joshua Raymond.

Described as a "rollicking gore fest", the film focuses on the town of New Thetford and the hidden secrets that it keeps, including those secrets that house themselves in the form of deranged and disfigured maniacs.

Years after the death of her parents, Amelia follows in their investigative footsteps only to find herself and her team caught in the horrifying traps of New Thetford's best kept secret. Amelia, with the help of her older brother Orlando, must now find a way to make it out alive before they too become maniacs.

Extra Tidbit: Crampton will be seen in Adam Wingard's YOU'RE NEXT in 2013.


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