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Barry Levinson's The Bay gets a trailer, poster and release date!

09.05.2012by: Eric Walkuski

At long last, we have some serious goods to share for THE BAY. We've been seeing bits and pieces for a few months now, but today's the day that we start getting excited about it.

A new trailer and poster for the Barry Levinson-directed horror film have hit, and you can see them right here. Creepy stuff! In addition, we've learned that the film has a release date of NOVEMBER 2nd - theatrically and on iTunes. This certainly comes out of the blue; I'm not sure we thought the flick would be heaved at us so soon, but let's not complain.

Here's the synopsis: The quaint seaside town of Chesapeake Bay thrives on water; it is the lifeblood of the community. When two biological researchers from France find a staggering level of toxicity in the water, they attempt to alert the mayor, but he refuses to create a panic in the docile town. As a result, a deadly plague is unleashed, turning the people of Chesapeake Bay into hosts for a mutant breed of parasites that take control of their minds, and eventually their bodies. A brutal and harrowing creature feature for the 21st century, THE BAY chronicles the descent of a small town into absolute terror.

THE BAY stars Will Rogers, Kristen Connolly, Kether Donohue and Christopher Denham.

Extra Tidbit: Are you ready for more found footage horror with THE BAY?
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2:31PM on 09/06/2012
Looks OK not amazing. I'll check it out but dependant on reviews it will more than likely be on dvd.
Looks OK not amazing. I'll check it out but dependant on reviews it will more than likely be on dvd.
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