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Baseball slasher Billy Club gets past first base with the new trailer

05.11.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Any baseball fans out there? Well, if you love the sport as much as all things horror, then the new slasher flick BILLY CLUB should definitely grab your attention. The folks behind the film have recently put out the first trailer and while it may not be ready for the major league yet, it's still quite a heavy hitter. Check it out below.

Billy Club follows four little league friends that reunite 15 years after a terrible homicide ripped their baseball team apart. Setting out on a mission to pay homage to their fallen teammates, the friend unknowingly find themselves hunted by a brutal killer with a twisted form of revenge.

Directed by Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer, BILLY CLUB stars Marshall Caswell, Erin Hammond, Nick Sommer and Max Williamson.

Extra Tidbit: Any other sports-related horror flicks come to mind?



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