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The Arrow Reviews: Bates Motel Episode #8

05.07.2013by: The Arrow

EPISODE 8: A Boy and his Dog

CHECKING IN: Norma (Vera Farminga) and the stranger (Jere Burns) take off the gloves, Dylan (Max Therriot) and Remo go on a job related road trip and solidify their bond, Romero (Nestor Carbonell) puts Norma in her place and Norman (Freddie Highmore) discovers the wonderful joys of taxidermy.

THE ROOM: Building on the new game it set up via the last episode, the pieces finally started to move in this one and the directions they seem to be going in should result in further nastiness from this bold TV show. I dug how this episode was more character oriented than situational. For one, Norman (Freddie Highmore should get an Emmy for his outstanding perfomance, come on!) evolved for the worse here. The new hobby he picked up (taxidermy) is definitely NOT the right thing for the lad as it feeds his psychosis in my opinion. And we all know where it will lead; he will stuff his mother one day. Yowzer! So why taxidermy? What is it about the art that so appeals to him? Is it because Norman is not able to let go of things or people? Is it due to him wanting to have control over things or people? Or maybe it’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of his odd relationship with death. Who knows? I’m no shrink. All I do know is that I am anxious to see how that subplot will unravel. Strangness should ensue.

NOTE:  I love the relationship that his developing between Norman and Emma’s dad, the endearing Will Decody (brilliantly played in a low key manner by Ian Hart). Both gents are obvious loners and seem to connect on that level. Moreover, Norman is getting a healthy father figure out of it too! So yup, it will end horribly as per everything this show sets up. How, I am not sure yet, let me mull on it over this hot cup of “Good Morning America”. I'll get back to you at the end!

Let's talk about Norma (Emmy for Vera Farminga as well while we're at it! She so deserves it!). This episode spoke volumes as to her selfishness and mucho unstable nature. It appalled me (although I can’t say I was surprised) that she would put herself before her son’s mental well being. He visibly needs some serious help and the whole town is starting to be aware of it! I know she’s scared that Norman will spill the beans to his shrink about the skeletons they both have stashed in their closets, but still! I guess the blind can’t lead the blind after all! Norma’s lack of self control and her projecting that on Norman was also in full swing here. Now that think of it, the saying "like mother like son" so applies here. The way Norma treats Norman echoes Norman’s relationship with taxidermy. Norman is Norma’s stuffed dog. Something to control to give onself the illusion of being in control of ones life. Deep thoughts I know… but hey that’s all I got this morning. No hooker jokes today!

On that, Norma’s obsessive want for controlling her environment will be the end of her someday. Did she really need to follow Abernathy around? At all! She just should have pocketed the dough and looked the other way, but nooooo! She had to know so she could feel in control. Norma, Norma, Norma, what am I gonna do with you? Now hell’s ceiling is gonna fall on her and yup I can’t wait to see it go down! Speaking of Abernathy. The dude had the opportunity to display his more creepy colors on this round. His vibe SCREAMED psycho with no conscience and I expect wondrous evil things from the lad in episodes to come! This is just the beginning. Big props to Jere Burns! He is simply chilling in the role. Talk about ideal casting! The womanizer he played in that old TV show Dear John he is not! Clocking him and the always incredible Vera Farminga Ping-Pong together acting wise was a freaking treat!  

Finally, I am getting into the Dylan (Therriot) and Remo (Ian Tracey) relationship and I like where its going! Ian Tracey is incredibly affable, so that surely helps. And I can’t wait to see everything go back to Romero (played by the now scary Nestor Carbonell). Yes, I stand by the statement I made in my last recap, he is the big boss behind the sex trade circus. Am sure of it! So all in all, Episode 8 was yet another strong entry in this topsy-turvy show. It's a new ball game and my gut tell me that this season will not end well! Two episodes to go!

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Romero and the powers that be are keeping the highway far from the Motel to continue their "sex trade peddling" operation there – I said it!

What is the "it" Abernathy is looking for? The Asian girl that ran away? The book with the sexy images? What think you?

So who left that little surprise in Norma’s bed at the end? Abernathy? Romero? Norman? Abernathy is the obvious choice but maybe too obvious, I'll still go with it anyway though. You?

Will Decody will get killed by Norman down the road, maybe not in this season, but in the next. Norman will have one of them psycho trances and down he goes!

Dylan hooks up with Bradley in the next episode? I think so, their due to get that subplot moving…

Last week I reviewed PSYCHO III, expect a PSYCHO IV review this week!





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