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Bates Motel viral video asks What Happened to Ms. Watson?

01.21.2014by: Eric Walkuski

WARNING: "Bates Motel" Season One spoilers follow.

If you stuck with "Bates Motel" throughout its entire first season, you know very well that Norman Bates' seductive teacher Ms. Watson (Keegan Connor Tracy) bit the dust in the final episode, quite gruesomely murdered. The indication was that Norman (Freddie Highmore) was the culprit, but as we never saw him do the deed, we can't lay the charge directly at his feet. Not yet, anyway.

A&E has just put out a viral spot showing Ms. Watson a few hours before her murder, being greeted by a camera-toting lover. Is this the angry boyfriend she mentioned to Norman? If so, he's looking like a pretty good suspect at the moment. Or perhaps some else entirely..?

However, nothing will be resolved until the second season, which commences on March 3rd.

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