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Bayona & Sanchez talk The Orphanage

12.28.2007by: PJ Germain
It seems like I've been trying to find any little thing that has to do with THE ORPHANAGE (reviewed here) lately. The film, due out in limited release tomorrow, has been my must see film for the latter of 2007 for some time now. Produced and presented by genius Guillermo Del Toro, and directed by new comer J.A. Bayona, the film tells the story of Laura [who] returns to the house where she was raised, and decides to transform it into an orphanage. Soon, her son, Simón, makes an invisible friend...

I mean it's much more than that and it is evident by the trailers (see below). Well today a video interview of director Bayona and writer Sergio Sanchez (who is also penning Del Toro's 3993) popped up over at IESB.net, and it's pretty cool to see these two first time filmmakers talk about their "baby". If you head over here you can watch it.

THE ORPHANAGE, or more appropriately EL ORFANATO, will be released tomorrow December 28 (as stated above) with a wide release on January 11th. The film has left its mark on the festival circuit, so it's definitely not one to miss.

Source: IESB.net



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