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06.02.2006by: The Arrow

"I used to f*ck guys like you in prison!" - Jimmy

This is not news but I'm happy so I'm sharing for those who give a shit (Mom?) My reviews get quoted on DVD boxes/posters now and again (more recently on THE DESCENT theatrical poster). But its not every day that I get quoted on a movie that I've adored since I was a kid!

One that still holds up the test of time today when it comes to groovy macho bull-shit, smuttiness, campy fun, brutality galore, great one liners and priceless should be hetero but don't come out that way moments. Yes that film is motherf*cking ROAD HOUSE! My review is here and my quote is gonna be on its new DVD release: Road House: Deluxe Edition (July 11 2006 street date). I can now die in peace! : )

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