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Beat Medusa & Scorpioch: Play a cool online game for Clash of the Titans

03.08.2010by: Jake Dee

With March a relative slog for all us horror heads, one high profile flick out in the next few weeks that ought to sate our genre needs is Louis Leterrier's 3D rendition of CLASH OF THE TITANS. I mean...shit, you've seen Medusa's new look, right?

Well now's your chance to get an even more intimate look at snake headed witch, as Warner Brothers has just issued a sweet little online game to help promote the film leading up to its April 2nd release. You think you got the cajones to beat this stoned face bi'atch?!? Keep reading!

By visiting the Official Site for the film, you can actually partake in two different battles. The first one, entitled "Scorpioch Strike," you and a team of three square off with a vicious gaggle of oversized scorpion creatures out to end your life with a quick whip of the tail. I tried it, and given my well documented gaming inexperience, I lasted all of 45 seconds or so.

Mission: Born from the cursed blood of Hades' Earthly servant, Calibos, the Scorpioch stand in the way of Perseus and his men in their quest to defy the Gods. You must survive the Scorpioch attack.

Battle number two, "Medusa's Curse," pits you and your cronies up against Medusa herself, so beware...this chick is f*ckin' faster than lightening. She offed my cohorts in a good ten seconds flat, then proceeded to shoot arrow after arrow point blank in my chest. Bitch got busy on me!

Mission: Medusa, once a beautiful maiden who was transformed into a hideous Gorgon by the jealous Goddess Athena, is out to turn you into stone. You must defeat Medusa and cut off her head. Avoid her fatal gaze lest you be turned to stone.

Sounds fun, right? So what the hell are you waiting for...get your medieval murder on right HERE.

Alexa Davalos looking hot as Andromeda in CLASH OF THE TITANS!

Extra Tidbit: How well did you do? Which game you like best?
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