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Ben Stiller, not Russell Brand, to star in horror-comedy RentaGhost

10.12.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Back in December, we heard that British "funnyman" (depends on who you ask) Russell Brand was set to star in RENTAGHOST, a big-screen adaptation of the popular British television show from the late 70s and early 80s. We haven't heard much about the project since, but perhaps that's because a major change of players was taking place and a new crew is currently at work on the horror-comedy.

According to Variety, Ben Stiller is now set to tackle the lead role in RENTAGHOST, which 20th Century Fox is in line to produce. (Warner Bros. was the studio behind the Russell Brand incarnation.) Stiller's NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM writers Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant will be taking a crack at the script.

Here's the synopsis for the Brand version; I'm sure the latest version won't be too different: Fred Mumford is a recently deceased guy determined to be more productive as a corpse than he was during his life as a slacker. He attempts to set himself up in a business with a couple of other ghouls, starting a temp agency for the dead. Mumford and cohorts rent out ghouls and ghosts to the living, until things go awry.

Supposedly this thing will be in the vein of BEETLEJUICE; I dare say I get a MONSTER'S INC. vibe as well... Let us know what you think about the pitch below.

Stiller's NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM co-star Carla Gugino

Extra Tidbit: Ben Stiller produced the horror film THE RUINS.
Source: Variety



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