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Benderspink's Last Blood

04.02.2008by: Jared Pacheco
Before tonight I have never heard of LAST BLOOD. Shame on me!

If your in the same boat, don't worry, there's still hope. If you fall into this category your asking yourself what is LAST BLOOD anyway? Well LAST BLOOD is a comic book about a group of vampires who protect the last living human beings on Earth. Why are they protecting them? And from whom? Well from the zombies of course, because vampires need the humans alive to feed on them, duh.

Yes, your right, that does sound excellent. LAST BLOOD comes from the minds of Chris and Bobby Crosby, with Bobby penning the comic.

Well news coming in from Variety today has Benderspink announcing they'll be adapting LAST BLOOD into a flick. Yes, that would be some great news.

LAST BLOOD was created in late 2006, with four issues being released in 2007. To read up more on LAST BLOOD, and get a sneak peek at the comics, head over to the official website.

We'll definately be keeping you updated on this one.

Although having nothing at all to do with this story... she can bite me anytime!

Source: Variety



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