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Bently, Madsen talk Ligeia

04.02.2008by: Eric Walkuski

ShockTillYouDrop got in touch with actor Wes Bentley recently, who told Mr. Rotten about a role he just finished in a movie that, for whatever reason, seems to have been off my radar (ah it happens, there's only so many movie titles I can fit into my brain, ya know!).

It's EDGAR ALLEN POE'S LIGEIA, from director Michael Staininger and screenwriter John Shirley (THE CROW).

The tale was last told in 1964, with Roger Corman's TOMB OF LIGEA.

According to Bentley (AMERICAN BEAUTY, GHOST RIDER), who plays the lead role, the story's about: "...a young professor who is followed by a girl [Ligeia] who is dying and who has been practicing ways to continue living and capture souls - taking bodies with her soul."

Also starring is Michael Madsen, who has an interesting take on the experience (and his own career): "A very bizarre experience. We filmed it in St. Louis and i have no idea how it's going to turn out. I play a father in the film, I've been looking for some gentler, nicer roles to balance out the roles I play in films like Hell Ride. I'm really kind've perceived as the notorious Michael Madsen - those villain roles are great, but I like to change it up every once and a while."

The film also stars Eric Roberts, Christa Campbell, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Mackenzie Rosman. No word on when we might see this flick, but it's currently in post-production.

Kaitin Doubleday can play MY wife any day.

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