Berenice Marlohe to star in Dennis Bartok's P.O.V.

Last week brought the news that Fortissimo Films had picked up the worldwide rights to P.O.V., the directorial debut of TRAPPED ASHES writer Dennis Bartok, and now we know who the lead will be.

French actress Bérénice Marlohe, who made her English language film debut as ill-fated Bond girl Severine in SKYFALL, has signed on to star as Dana Milgrom,

a track coach who, having survived a near-death car accident, finds herself completely paralyzed and trapped inside her own body. While recovering, she becomes convinced that an evil presence exists inside her hospital room and is intent on killing her. Believing her to be experiencing a mental breakdown, Dana’s family brush away her concerns. Becoming increasingly terrified, Dana soon realizes that she may not be the only target. Unable to leave her bed, she risks losing the ones she cares for most.

Bartok co-wrote the screenplay with Tom Abrams.

Production on P.O.V. is set to begin later this year, based in Ireland and branching out to various locations around the UK. The film is being produced by Brendan McCarthy and John Donnell of Irish horror production company Fantastic Films and Jan Doense and Herman Slatger of Netherlands-based horror production company House of Netherhorror, with the support of the Irish Film Board.

This news has put P.O.V. on my radar in a major way, as I felt that Marlohe did an incredible job in SKYFALL. She didn't have a whole lot of screentime, but made a significant impression in the few scenes her "bird with a wing down" character did have. It will be great to see her in a horror movie, and interesting to watch how she handles a role that sounds to be quite emotionally intense.

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Source: ScreenDaily



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