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Berryman's Tenant

07.29.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
We got a heads up about a little film currently filming starring the great Michael Berryman and J. Larose. It's called THE TENANT, and I have a feeling it's a little number we'll want to keep an eye on in the future. Since I had never heard of it before, check out the synopsis:

A simple man, Dr. Walter Newman has high aspirations to cure all disease through genetic manipulation. His obsession with his mission draws him deeper into his own dark world, distracting him from his wife Olivia and from his responsibilities to his patients at the Edgewood Asylum. The doctor's loyal but diabolical nurse, Ms. Tinsley, decides to take matters into her own hands and in secret she conducts her own experiment. When Dr. Newman realizes what has been done, a deformed creature that defies nature is created. Part human, part nightmare. Dr. Newman knows what he must do, but is it already too late?

The flick promises all the required blood, gore, deaths... nerve-racking tension, intense fear, shocking turns, exciting character development... a strong, powerful, and hypnotizing sound track in surround sound... and an astonishing twist, coupled with a chilling surprise at the conclusion, serve to position the movie for a franchise sequel.

A flick that promises all that has to be good, right? Right??? Ok, maybe not, but this one looks like it at least has potential. Check out THE TENANT's OFFICIAL WEBSITE for even more good stuff, including a few bits of production notes and even the film's teaser trailer. Is it sweet? Like I said, this beast could end up being pretty sweet... or not. Stick around for more on THE TENANT as we hear it.

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