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Bertino's busy

07.09.2008by: Jared Pacheco

Who would've predicted the outcome of THE STRANGERS? I mean the flick scores some pretty positive reviews, then goes on the shelf for a lenghtly period of time, then suddenly it's pulled back out and thrust at us in the midst of the Summer season..

And it grosses over $50 million! That's pretty impressive. Hell, people were in a frenzy over the fact that PROM NIGHT scored big at the box office earilier this year... and that was PG-13. So seeing an R rated flick about people being brutally terrorized gross this much money... and during Summer season... that's impressive.

So needless to say, STRANGERS writer/director Bryan Bertino (above) won't be short on work anytime soon. The man already has GREEN EYES underway, and talks of a sequel to THE STRANGERS have been buzzing around.

But now Variety are dropping word that Bertino has just signed on for two more movies! First up we have BLACK, which is 'a character-driven thriller with supernatural elements.' I'm always down for a character driven flick.. though usually character movies don't really work as horrors/thrillers, but it's still intriguing. Bertino's manager, Mad Hatter Entertainment's Michael Connolly will be producing.

Then we have ALONE. which we don't know much about. All that's given is that it's a thriller from Rogue and the project has already been started. Bertino will rewrite the script and most likely direct.

I saw THE STRANGERS, and aside from the very last frame I was down for every second of it. Especially the insane tension as that dude stalks the gorgeous Liv Tyler (below) through the house. So I'll wait eagerly to see what Bertino can do now that the pressures on. We'll keep an eye on these two titles and update you whenever something is announced.

Source: Variety



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