Beware The Mildew from Planet Xonader on January 31

The '80s are back and they're messy as hell in the trailer for THE MILDEW FROM PLANET XONADER, an upcoming film from Neil Meschino and Necrostorm's Giulio De Santi that looks like a glorious and gory EVIL DEAD / STREET TRASH style bloodbath.

A reworking of Meschino's 2012 film MOLD!, THE MILDEW FROM PLANET XONADER tells the following story: 

The year is 1984. Researchers at the secretive Bentan Labs are celebrating the completion of their latest weapons project: a previously unknown type of mildew, capable of spreading and consuming any kind of vegetation… and ideal for attacking stockpiles of enemy food. When a sponsor is accidentally infected, the mildew’s spores are set loose across the facility. As aggressive soldiers flood the complex and the infected staff begin to mutate, the survivors come to realize that the mildew is in fact an alien creature! To avoid an agonising death, the remaining scientists must join forces with “Toxic” – a mysterious mercenary who has infiltrated the building on a covert mission. Will anyone escape the clutches of this out of control fungus and the army of crazed mutants it has created?

Check out the MILDEW trailer below, and if the movie looks as awesome to you as it does to me, you might then want to head over to the Necrostorm website and pre-order a copy. The all-region DVD release is expected to start shipping out on January 31, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: How does MILDEW look to you?



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