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Beyond the Grave to be relased in the Arizona Underground Film Festival!

09.08.2010by: Moises Hernandez

If you've seen the new trailer for BEYOND THE GRAVE then you know it has a western/noir-ish feel to it that also comes complete with gore, weaponry and pretty fine narrative. It's basically all the good stuff you'd expect from something you know very little about.

So when are we expecting to see it on US turf? Pretty soon in fact. Arizona seems to have called first dibs on the film and will be holding its releasing it at the Arizona Underground Film Festival later this month. Check out the press release for deets.

PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil - The feature film BEYOND THE GRAVE (aka PORTO DOS MORTOS), produced by Lockheart Filmes Ltda., has its American premiere set to 25 September at Arizona Underground Film Festival. The world premiere will be in September 9 at Cinefantasy film festival, in São Paulo.

"BEYOND THE GRAVE is a genre film based on the loneliness of a post-apocalyptic planet", says director Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro. "Through the creation of this particular world, I tried to convey not only the films that I love, but the fragility of the human being in this time of fear and battle against nature, without of course forgetting to bring some great action and adventure with it!", believes the Brazilian filmmaker.

If you're in the Arizona region I suggest you grab yourself a ticket or two and see this Spanish speaking puppy. The film is written and directed by Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro who's also producing with Isidoro B. Guggiana. BEYOND THE GRAVE follows the unstoppable hunt of the vengeful cop Lockheart (Rafael Tombini) for a supernatural serial killer known as the The Dark Rider.

Starring alongside RAFAEL TOMBINI are ÁLVARO ROSACOSTA, RICARDO SEFFNER, LEANDRO LEFA, LUCIANA VERCH, AMANDA GRIMALDI. If any of these names sound remotely familiar to you then count me impressed. Most of these names circulate within films from our amigos downstairs (South of the border).

Now enjoy the trailer yourself and some pics after that and let us know what you think of this horror flick. 

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else think this is going to get remade for the American audience within the next year?



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