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03.17.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

The boys over at Dread Central scored the first trailer for Hammer Films' upcoming BEYOND THE RAVE (not to be confused with RAVE TO THE GRAVE), which will be airing in segments via MySpaceTV(!!!) next month!

Raves, hot chicks, vampires, zombies... this shite has it all! Do yourself a favor and head THIS WAY to check out all the madness. So what's BEYOND THE RAVE all about? Check it:

The online serial follows soldier Ed who must find and win back his girlfriend Jen from the clutches of a mysterious group of hardcore ravers before he flies to Iraq in the morning. After finding her at a party deep in a forest he begins to realize that something is not quite right and not all of his mates will make it through to dawn!

I'm not much of a raver, but partying in the forest is one of my favorite past times--that is, when it doesn't involve a bunch of nut-case zombie/vampire freaks! If you head over to the OFFICIAL MySpaceTV SITE you can scoop some more info on the flick, which will be aired in segments via MySpace beginning in April. Does that mean all the promises of gored and nudity will be cut down for the MySpace audience? Mum's the word at this point, I guess we'll just have to tune in next month to know for sure!

Have a blast with THE TRAILER, and stick around from more of Hammer's BEYOND THE RAVE as we hear it!

Source: Dread Central



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