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Big Names for Rufnex!

12.31.2009by: Jared Pacheco

It's a pretty slow news day here on these internets so today I'm going to take the road less traveled and tell you all about a genre comic heading our way called THE RUFNEX.

Alright the name isn't an attention grabber but hear me out with this one. RUFNEX creator Miguel A. Insignares dropped us an email today to let us know that there's an official website up for the comic that includes a detailed press release. Now before I get into the impressive details you see above let me tell you all what this one is about:

A group of merciless prisoners agree to a near suicide mission on a remote island in exchange for their freedom. Their mission soon takes a horrific turn as they discover the island is crawling with hordes of ravenous zombies. When the carnage begins, they must overcome their differences if they are to escape from the island of the dead.

That actually sounds pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind seeing a flick with that synopsis! Ready for the kicker? THE RUFNEX will feature the likeness of people like Alice Cooper, Nestor Carbonell, John Dolmayan, Jesse James, Michael Kelly, Marc Macaulay, Danny Trejo, and Robin Williams. Now that's one impressive list of names. Ever thought you'd see Robin Williams battling zombies? Well now's your chance!

Here's what Insignares had to say in the press release: I am honored to have such an incredible roster of talent which have agreed to lend their likeness to this project and I am thrilled at the potential of THE RUFNEX brand across various entertainment media. We foresee this comic book selling out fast and are therefore giving fans a chance to pre-order the first issue for a special price at www.islandofthedead.com. In addition, we will be running several on-line auctions to give readers an opportunity to be illustrated in the comic book as a zombie. Proceeds to benefit the Hero Initiative Charity.

THE RUFNEX spans 32 pages and will be available starting January 29th for $5. You can pre-order it right over HERE!

Extra Tidbit: Miguel A. Insignares' previous credits include the official comic book adaptation for the 2004 film, DAWN OF THE DEAD.
Source: IslandoftheDead



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