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Bikini Frank pics

08.10.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

One way to ensure interest in a film is to include chicks in bikinis. It could be a film about cooking, or playing croquet, or knitting... throw in some chicks in bikinis, and I'm totally there! So when the new film from Fred Olen Ray rolled across my desk entitled BIKINI FRANKENSTEIN, well you know my interest was piqued!

Ray directed such genre classics as HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS and the recently STD Luke Perry vehicle SILENT VENOM. He's no newbie to the exploitation genre, and has about 20 different movies with the word BIKINI in the title (like SUPER NINJA BIKINI BABES). If anyone can pull off a bikini-themed Frankenstein tale, this guy can!

Thanks to our man Avery Battles, we have a few new totally awesome new images from the film, and if you head over THIS WAY, you can check out even more. I could go into what the film is all about, but that'd be a waste of time. There's a mad scientist making hot chicks from scratch. Think FRANKENHOOKER for today's audience, and you'll have a good idea as to what to expect.

Enjoy the new pics, and get ready for more goodies from BIKINI FRANKENSTEIN as they roll our way!

Extra Tidbit: The "monster" in this film is named Eve. Wow. Just screams originality, doesn't it?
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