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Bill Moseley, AJ Bowen, Rob Hall, and Will Barratt head to Holy Oak

12.21.2010by: Alex DiVincenzo

Busted Buggy Entertainment's HOLY OAK is getting ready to enter production, and the cast and crew are filling out nicely. The supernatural film is written and directed by Bryan Ryan. Here is the synopsis:

Over a century ago in the small Texas town of Holy Oak, a curse was born, all of the residents mysteriously disappeared, and the tiny settlement was wiped off of the map. Today the only surviving member of the cursed family finds herself drawn to an overgrown plot of land on the outskirts of where Holy Oak once stood, searching for her long lost father, Phillip Mallory, a horror novelist who went missing years before.

Along with her father, a handful of friends, and two detectives, Kim discovers that not everything is as it seems in Holy Oak as the witches and other ghostly beings in the unearthly woods re-appear to let them know that the curse of Holy Oak is far from a legend and their unspeakable reign over the area may have only just begun.

Courtney Daniels stars as the female lead and will be joined by AJ Bowen (THE SIGNAL) as Detective Albright and Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS) as her father. On the crew side will be cinematographer Will Barratt (HATCHET II) and special effects designer Robert Hall (THE CRAZIES).

Ryan states: "I am beyond thrilled to have a talented group of actors like AJ, Bill, and Courtney all coming on board to help bring my vision of Holy Oak to life. Both Bill and AJ are brilliant actors in their own right, and Courtney is going to prove to audiences to be quite a discovery of talent. Holy Oak is shaping up to be a dream collaborative experience for me as a director."

Busted Buggy president Dan Cunningham adds: "This project came together much quicker than expected, but with a great script from a talented, up-and-coming director, a phenomenal pair of actors in the leads, and an experienced, desired cinematographer on board, it make sense to move forward and get this film in front of audiences who are asking for a film of this caliber.”

Camers start rolling in central Texas on January 6th. More information can be found on the picture's Facebook.

Extra Tidbit: HOLY OAK star Courtney Daniels (above) served as executive producer on Bryan Ryan's short "The Guest", which was also produced by Busted Buggy.
Source: Dread Central



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