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Black Friday 1 & 2

11.22.2007by: The Arrow

Just got a heads up from director ETHAN TERRA about his upcoming films BLACK FRIDAY (going into production this coming January) and BLACK FRIDAY 2 (tentative to start shooting in March 08) which Horror novelist Joe Knetter is writing a first draft of at the moment.

They've cast Canadian hottie, Kate Todd to play the lead, sexy Kristina Klebe (above), Raven Riley, Ashley Bank (the little girl from the Monster Squad), Tony Todd (Kate's father) and Kane Hodder (the killer, Tyler Hillburg). Terra had this to say about his two babies:

Right now we've been toying with the notion of bringing out the last 15 minutes of the film in 3D. That of course is not yet final, but we are leaning towards it. The only thing that I have to say about the Black Friday 2, is that the fans will get the EVIL vs EVIL fight they have been waiting a lifetime for. I don't want to give away too much , however we have been in talks with Tyler Mane's agent and a few other fan favorites to make sure the sequel is bigger and badder then any horror film ever.

People say that is such a broad statement, but its really not, I listen to the fans, I know what they want to see, and I am going give it them! Black Friday is a film by fans for fans... That is why it is so embraced. For example every time I put out T-shirts, masks, posters, they are sold out the first week.

We sold over 5000 T-shirts in two months, I think the only place left that you can even get the first run shirts is at Dark Delicacies. Everywhere else is completely sold out. I do have another limited edition print coming out the 1st of December which features Harry Manfredini's signature. And those will be limited to 5000, and when those are gone their gone!

Currently Black Friday 2 stars: Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Kate Todd, and I recently got a call from Michael Berryman, who I hope to sign onto the sequel by the end of the coming week. I hope to finalize casting by the end of December. Black Friday is one of the sponsors of The Texas Fear Fest Horror Convention, ( www.txfearfest.com) March 7-9, all I have to say is this is going to be one bad ass show and concert, if you miss this one, you are not a true horror fan!!!

We still haven't settled on a distributor, we've been talking to all the majors of course and we hope to have something in stone before the end of December. If not, I have full support from my cast and crew, we will go city to city, like David Arquette did with The Tripper, and release the film ourselves.

Furthermore I've been in contact with McFarlane, Sideshow, and Neca, to make sure the fans have Black Friday toys when the movie is released. To all the fans of the genre, and now fans of Black Friday, thank you guys for all your support, you guys rock!

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