Bloody hell! Texas Chainsaw has a UK TV spot

There are certain British traits that really resonate among us North Americans-- an admirable sense of stoicism, a dry brand of humor, and, of course, a love of movies about chainsaw toting cannibals. I don't mean to push stereotypes on UK Schmoes, but let's face it-- you guys love Leatherface as much as you love your awesome accents.

As such, our friends across the pond should be thrilled they've received a TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D TV spot. It sports some nifty new footage and, as a bonus, uses the word "cinemas" instead of "theaters." I know that's a pretty common phrase over there, but I like to note it because it just sounds classier coming from Trailer Voice Over Guy.

TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D stars Alexandria Daddario, Tania Raymond, Trey Songz, Dan Yeager, Scott Eastwood and Bill Moseley. Check out the spot below and feel free to discuss it over your tea and biscuits.

Extra Tidbit: For whatever reason, I couldn't find a better angle on the pic of Tania Raymonde above. I'm sure the majority of you are unhappy about that...



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