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Bloody international Aftershock poster hits like an axe to the chest

05.09.2013by: Kevin Woods

We've already seen a couple of posters promoting the upcoming Eli Roth-starring AFTERSHOCK, from director Nicolas Lopez, including THIS ONE showing the aftermath of a quake and THIS ONE which highlights the seismic activity from one of the titular natural disasters. Today we have an AXE-cellent new international poster (hey, I like puns) for the flick which you can check out below.

In Chile, an American tourist’s vacation goes from good to great when he meets some beautiful women travellers. But when an earthquake ravages the underground nightclub they are in, a fun night quickly turns to terror. Escaping to the surface is just the beginning as they face the nightmarish chaos above ground.

AFTERSHOCK stars Eli Roth, Andrea Osvart, Ariel Levy and Selena Gomez. It hits theaters on May 10th.

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