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Bloody new MD pic

10.21.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

Darren Lynn Bousman's upcoming horror flick MOTHER'S DAY is looking (and sounding) better and better by the minute, as the film is currently filming in Winnipeg, Canada. Bousman took some time and chatted with STYD today, and even dropped the above new photo from the film! Nice!

What makes the new image so rockin' is how blood it is. This dude here in the surgical mask is one dude you don't wanna mess with!

During the interview, Bousman discusses why he decided to go with remaking MOTHER'S DAY instead of other, more popular remake opportunities. Check it: I've turned down every remake that has come to me - when it was Hellraiser, Children of the Corn, all of them. They're too popular, there's too much of a built-in fan base. There are die-hard fans of Charlie Kaufman's Mother's Day but I think it's nowhere near as great as the fans of Pinhead and the fans of Malachai or Isaac. It wasn't like I was shitting on the holy grail of remakes.

Good point! And with him taking the thrills to the suburbs and out of the middle of nowhereness of the original, I think he'll be bringing something more to this project than simply a shot for shot remake.

To enjoy the full view of the image above, and to check out more of what Bousman had to say, click HERE, and get ready for MOTEHR'S DAY, in theaters around Mother's Day 2010.

MOTHER'S DAY's Jaime King!
Extra Tidbit: Darren Lynn Bousman signed on to directed SAW II 2 weeks before SAW hit theaters.
Source: STYD



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