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Bloody new stills arrive for The Mo Brothers' Killers

06.20.2013by: Ryan Miller

We got our hands on a few more blood soaked images from The Mo Brothers' highly anticipated Indonesian flick KILLERS right here for you guys to take a look at. The film was developed by The Mo Brothers from a story by NIGHTMARE DETECTIVE producer Ushiyama Takuji, KILLERS is an international horror-thriller revolving around a pair of serial killers who discover one another on the internet. So far, all signs are pointing to this one being one hell of a bloody ride!

KILLERS follows a Japanese serial killer (Kazuki Kitamura) with a large online following and a disgraced Indonesian journalist (Oka Antara) whose copycat vigilante murders gain him equal notoriety, leading  to a showdown.

The film stars Ray Sahetapy, the veteran Indonesian actor who played the crime boss Tama in The Raid.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys as excited as we are to see KILLERS?
Source: AITH



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