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Blu-ray/DVD release details for Oculus, starring Karen Gillan

06.19.2014by: Ryan Miller

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has just announced that on August 5th Mike Flanagan’s OCULUS will be hitting shelves on Blu-ray and DVD, with a UV digital copy and iTunes digital copy coming with the purchase of the Blu-ray. If you can't wait until August 5th to get your hands on the film then be sure to look for it on VOD platforms on July 29th. Want to know what we thought of OCULUS? Read our review HERE!

OCULUS stars Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso, and Garrett Ryan Ewald.

You see what it wants you to see.

It’s been ten years since the lives of siblings Tim (Brenton Thwaites; Maleficent) and Kaylie Russell (Karen Gillan; “Doctor Who”) were shattered and Tim was convicted of murdering their parents. Now released from a mental institution, Tim wants to move on, but his sister has other plans. Kaylie blames their childhood nightmare on the Lasser Glass—an antique mirror with a grisly history—which she intends to destroy by any means possible, even as the mysterious entity continues to cast sinister spells on anyone who gazes into it.

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy
  • Inside The Mirror: Creating Oculus
  • Original Oculus 33 Minute Short Film with Optional Commentary by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy
  • Commentary by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy
  • Theatrical Trailer

Karen Gillan stars in OCULUS

Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking up a copy of OCULUS?



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