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Boll's Storm

11.28.2008by: Jared Pacheco
After the petitions and the limited (un)success of POSTAL, you'd think Uwe Boll might disappear for a while, right? Of course not! It's Uwe Boll! Instead we've got yet another Boll film to look forward to along with BLOODRAYNE 3 and ZOMBIE MASSACRE. I'm talking about THE STORM.

THE STORM comes from Brightlight Pictures and follows a stranger named Silas, who emerges from a devastating storm seeking refuge with Tom and Gillian on their farm. As they struggle to deal with the upheaval and disaster left in the wake of the storm, Silas may be the only one who can help Tom, Gillian, and their young son survive. But as the family comes to terms with what they have lost in the storm, they are threatened by a danger that could prove even more catastrophic than the forces of nature.

Hmm. At least it's not based on a video game right? Also get this, 90210 star Luke Perry will be playing the mysterious stranger! I'm down for that. Also starring will be Lauren Holly and Steve Bacic. Tim McGregor penned the script. STORM will be produced by Shawn Williamson, who had the following to say regarding THE STORM:

“THE STORM is action-packed, suspenseful, and scary. We’re glad to have Uwe at the helm and we are very excited about this cast: the Silas role is an interesting departure for Luke and Lauren is a sensational Gillian."

Glad to have Uwe Boll directing your movie... didn't think I'd ever hear that. Who knows, maybe STORM will actually be good? It starts shooting this December in Vancouver. Keep it here for updates.

Source: Brightlight



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