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Boogey Time Again

07.07.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
It's flicks like last year's BOOGEYMAN that have really paved the way for horror movies that are advertised as being truly scary horror flicks, but end up sucking ass due to a PG-13 rating and a rushed production. They make all their money back in it's opening weekend, so studios don't really care if it's a steaming pile of poo or not, and us devoted horror fans get the shaft of having to sit through such crap.

So it's no real surprise that according to MovieHole.net, there's a BOOGEYMAN 2 in the works, set to be written by some dude named Brian Sieve. Just another attempt to cash in on genre lovers world-wide, a sequel to a crappy movie only means there's bound to be more crap to come. Of course, you could say that BOOGEYMAN was so bad that they could only improve with a sequel... and I say if there's a way it can be done worse... it will.

No word on whether Barry Watson will return this time around, or what the story will be, but I'm guessing it will be more of the same. Maybe tormenting a chick this time, and not a dude.

To check out the full article, go ahead and click HERE, and stick around as we hear more about this pointless waste of a sequel.
Source: MovieHole



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