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Book: Crystal Lake Memories

12.07.2005by: The Arrow
If the horror genre is the black

If the horror genre is the unwanted black sheep of cinema, then the FRIDAY THE 13Th franchise is the broom stick that high brow twats often beat it with.

Jason Voorhees just never got his fair shakes in Hollywood. Right down to his tightly wound daddy Paramount who was ashamed of him even though he was overachieving by bringing in the dough while the big budget boys under the same roof would fail at the Box Office. Its fan love that kept Jason Voorhees alive for those 11 films and its with Peter Bracke's book CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES; that he finally gets a potent dose of long overdue RESPECT.

Hardcover, bigger than a midget's block of a head, paging at over 300 pages and filled with more content than you can shake a machete at, "Memories" is not only the be all and end all of love letters to the hockey masked lady killer; it is also the Coffee Book to own if you're a self respecting slasher fan (who happens to dig Friday the 13Th of course). So what's the deal? Hold on to your severed heads tacos! How's over 200 candid, in depth and revealing interviews with cast and crew from the franchise sound to ya?

I'm talking; Sean Cunningham, Wes Craven, Amy Steel, Joseph Zito, Crispin Glover, Corey Feldman, Greg Nicotero, Kevin Bacon, Ken Kirzinger, Jason Ritter, Tom Savini, Betsy Palmer, Harry Manfredini John Carl Buechler, Steve Miner, Robert Englund, Kane Hodder and many, many, MANY MORE! Shite even memorable bit players from the series got some shine time in this collection! WOW!

And that's not where it ended it terms of dead meat dangling off this one's rusty blade. The book also slashed deep as to the history/development behind the films, memorable on set anecdotes, how the actors got their roles, the Friday the 13Th TV Series (Make love to me Robie! Come on! It's overdue!), the intent of the filmmakers as to their pictures and...yes again...FREAKING MORE!

Butter all that scotch with over 600 mucho groovy photographs (Some on set - some never seen before), some priceless production goodies (poster concept art, storyboards), a thought out foreword by Sean Cunningham and a detailed Coroner's Report that covered budget, locations, returns etc. and you get fun times at the in house when the out house is out of out to outs! Straight up; it took me a week to read this book...and I read pretty damn fast! Now that was a full kill! Any negatives to spit out? Sure a two page spread of a nude Jennifer Cooke on top of that cherry red car she drove in Part 6 would've been nice...but hey...what are you going to do?

Word on the street is that it took Peter Bracke more than three years to get this book together via hunting down talent and hitting the Studio "dump" department for content; and you know what; from a readers point of view; it shows. This book was utterly fantastic; in its presentation, substance and obvious adoration for the material. Friday the 13th fans, YOU CAN'T DO WITHOUT THIS ONE! You'll know more about the franchise than you'd ever thought you could! I'd like to end off with a big CHEERS to Peter Bracke for a job unbelievably well done. Sir you have made this Voorhees fan's month! THANK YOU!






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