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Book: Skincyclopedia #2

11.17.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

The greatest gift to man has been women. Their beauty surpasses man in every sense of the word, and I'm often flabbergasted that more women aren't lesbians. The greatest gift to man since women is seeing women naked on the big (and little) screen. Whether you're a huge movie fan, or one that passingly enjoys a good flick every now and then, I think it's safe to say that when there's nudity, the whole experience becomes that much more enjoyable.

Angelina Jolie!

So what's the greatest gift to man since seeing women naked in movies? That's easy: Mr. Skin's SKINCYCLOPEDIA! The Second Edition just hit bookstands, thus reiterating the simple fact that Mr. Skin and his devotion to informing the public which of their favorite leading ladies gets naked in what movie and when is not only amazing, but a true to gift to mankind. So how does the Second Edition add up? Let's dive in.

Amber Heard!

Since the First Edition in 2005, Mr. Skin has added over 350 new hotties to the all-encompassing guide to finding your favorite actress naked. The book opens up with a guide to how each actress is presented, in terms of the level of nudity they shed in said movie. Body Double, Breasts, Buns, Bush, FFN (Full Frontal Nudity), Nip Slip, Nip Slip LB (left breast), Nip Slip RB (right breast), LB, RB, and Thong. Every actress in every film she's in, her nudity is described as such.

Each actress is provided with a witty and entertaining filmography, spilling the beans on their birth date, where they're from, then they're rated via the Skin-O-Meter. Depending on their hotness and willingness to go naked, they're can be rated as Hall of Fame, Great Nudity, or Brief Nudity. After the pun-filled description of their film career, there's one SKIN-fining Moment, which provides said film, the time in the film of said nudity, and a description as to why this particular flick is her SKIN-fining Moment. Not always the role with the most nudity, but one that she's most famous for, or put her on the map. The SKIN-fining Moment is followed by See Her Naked In, a list of films where said starlet sheds the clothes, and what exactly is revealed (Breasts, Buns, Bush, etc...).

Neve Campbell and Denise Richards!

Over 600 pages thick, the SKINCYCLOPEDIA is as thorough as you ever thought possibly imaginable. Close to just about every actress who ever gets naked in any movie is here... but not all. See, they have criteria (as explained in the introduction) as to which actress or what movie qualifies (and what actually qualifies as 'nudity'), so while I noticed a few ladies missing from the book, they covered their asses by having criteria which said ladies obviously didn't fall into.

Demi Moore!

Not only can you look up your favorite actress by name, but maybe most importantly, you can flip to the SKINDEX at the end of the book and look up the nudity by film! That's right, if you remember the chick getting naked in, say, FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3, but you don't remember her name, you can look it up by movie (that was Tracie Savage--her only nude-filled role before landing the role of a TV anchorwoman for Channel 4 in Los Angeles).

Tracie Savage!

Unlike Mr. Skin.com, the SKINCYCLOPEDIA is a great resource to have sitting by the remotes, accessible at any time. If a flick comes on cable and you want to know if there's any nudity, this is the guide that will help you find out if, and when, the goods are revealed, and by whom. I'd go as far as saying SKINCYCLOPEDIA belongs in every movie loverís reference library, right up there next to THE SCARECROW VIDEO MOVIE GUIDE, John Stanley's CREATURE FEATURES, and JoBlo's 50 COOLEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME.

The only negatives I have to say about the book is: a) not every actress who has ever gotten naked in a movie is here (the hottie from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 is missing, for example), and 2) there's not enough pictures of said actresses in their bustiest roles. While there are a handful of DVD covers, and a few movie stills, they're in black and white, and nothing cream over. Then again, this isn't porn, and it didn't bother me all that much, but I had to throw it out there.

Phoebe Cates!

Man was gifted with beautiful women, and movie geeks the world over were gifted with Mr. Skin's SKINCYCLOPEDIA, the 600-plus page encyclopedia of every actress who has ever gotten naked on film. From the playful mini-bios, the SKIN-fining Moment, the sporadic Mr. Skin's Top Five list of big screen female nudity, and the all encompassing SKINDEX, this sucker has it all and then some. For movie fans, or just fans of movie nudity, this book belongs within arm-reach of your couch for quick and easy referencing during any point in your movie watching lifetime.

Grade: 4 on 4

Source: AITH



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