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Boris Kodjoe returns for Resident Evil: Retribution, Jansen Ackles in as well?

09.14.2011by: Jake Dee

And the RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION cast continues to spread...

Just as Colin Salmon did two days ago, Boris Kodjoe has taken to his trusty Twitter account to confirm his own involvement in the 5th RESIDENT EVIL film. As you may recall, Kodjoe joined the franchise in 2010, when he played Luther West in RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE.

Here's Boris' exact tweet:

"Ok, Resident Evil fans, [Milla Jovovich] and myself are up here in Toronto getting ready for RE5 More action than ever!!!"

Curiously, two days ago, the IMDB page for RE: RETRIBUTION had Aiden Bristow listed as playing the character of Leon Scott Kennedy. Now Jansen Ackles (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, "Supernatural") is listed as playing the character. As we await substantiation on that particular bit of casting...you think it's a real update or some lame IMDB gaff?

Either way, RE: 5 gears up for a Toronto and Moscow shoot later this year for a September 14, 2012 release.

Milla Time!

Extra Tidbit: You think Jansen Ackles would make a good addition to RE: RETRIBUTION?
Source: Boris Kodjoe



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