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Bradley Cooper talks Paradise Lost & a sci-fi spec treatment he wrote for Hyperion

05.27.2011by: Jake Dee

With THE HANGOVER II culling over $34 million in one night, star Bradley Cooper is no doubt set to have himself a hell of a "memorial" day weekend. Thankfully, instead of kicking his feet up and watching his coin multiply, the dude chatted with Charlie Rose and touched on a number of genre projects he has in the works. Namely, Cooper speaks about working with PARADISE LOST with Alex Proyas, the currently delayed CROW reboot, and a highly ambitious sci-fi spec treatment he wrote called HYPERION. A lot to get to, so let's run it...

First up is PARADISE LOST, which we heard earlier this month that Cooper had been loosely attached to star in for director Alex Proyas. Here's what Cooper said:

“I’ll give you an example ‘Paradise Lost.’ Studied it in college, loved it….I loved the idea of Lucifer being a very charismatic guy who you agree with, basically. [Milton] makes a very sound argument in that poem...And then cut to, Legendary Pictures who did the ‘The Hangover’ is doing ‘Paradise Lost,’ so I read the script and I loved the idea of two sons and a father. And one day the father says to the son, ‘You know our family dog? I love the family dog more than you guys and I’m actually going to build a whole house for the dog to live in. You guys are going to build the house.’”

“I just liked the simplicity of it...I always felt a hook into that and then [there’s] the betrayal that he feels. So I actually put myself on tape for it in my kitchen with my friend Wes to send to Alex Proyas because he said, ‘The guy from ‘The Hangover is not Lucifer, I just can’t see it.’”

“And [he saw] ‘Limitless’ and said ‘Okay, this guy might be able to carry a movie, but can he play Lucifer.’ So then the next step is, ‘Okay let me put myself on tape and show you.’ And it really wasn’t until I was in my kitchen, reading the lines—which is almost in verse…you have to do a sort of mid-Atlantic accent and you’re playing Lucifer in this very imaginative environment—and honestly Charlie, in my kitchen it just happened. I just found it,” Cooper explained. “We did one take and I said ‘Wes, did you feel that?’ He said, ‘Yeah, let’s send this.’ So we just emailed it and then Proyas emailed me back, ‘Satan lives!’ That was the hook for me, that experience in my kitchen. And if we do get to do the movie, that will give me the confidence to go anywhere with that character.”

Wow, quite the go-getter there, ay?

But that's hardly all. Cooper also told Rose he had written a spec -treatment adaptation of Dan Simmons' sprawling sci-fi novel series HYPERION.

“Ultimately, I’d love to direct, that’s ultimately what I want to do. In fact there’s this series of science fiction novels, ‘Hyperion’ by Dan Simmons….this is an example of trying to get things started,” Cooper said. “My friend and I…went to [producer] Graham King who owns the rights to ‘Hyperion’ and we wrote a treatment on spec saying, ‘Look, I know this is a very audacious endeavor but, can you just read this spec we wrote, we think we have a way in to tell the story.’ And now we’re negotiating, we’re going to write the script for it. And who knows what’s going to happen…”

HYPERION is a title we wrote about way back in 2009. Although it's hardly a horror story, it definitely has enough of a genre bent to get excited about.

We'll keep you updated on both PARADISE LOST and HYPERION as they move along.

HANGOVER II hottie Jamie Chung!

Extra Tidbit: Which do you wanna see Cooper get to first, acting in PARADISE LOST or directing HYPERION?



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