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Bradley-Hauer starring vehicle The Reverend scores a bunch of new stills

08.18.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

Vampire flick THE REVEREND starring Doug Bradley (HELLRAISER) and Rutger Hauer (THE HITCHER), has scored itself a bunch of new stills. They come to us from the official site, which has just opened.

The film wrapped shooting back in June, it will see a release on October 14th. The official trailer should be hitting soon, we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for that one. The film looks like good fun, with the involvement of Bradley and Hauer, you know it's sure to be worth a look.

Synopsis - Fresh from seminary school, a new Reverend embarks on his first parish, a small, low maintenance Chapel based in a quiet country village. While on the surface the village seems to be a peaceful parish, with perfect residents, soon it becomes apparent that something more sinister lurks beneath the façade of a local businessman.

On a wet, cold night a mysterious girl visits The Reverend at the chapel. Cold and upset she is welcomed in warmly, soon it becomes apparent that her visit is not for sanctuary but to deliver a message, a message in the form of a deep, bloody bite... Awoken with an unknown, uncontrollable thirst a confused Reverend can find no evidence of the girl from the night before, with nothing but the thirst and memory of the bite, The Reverend embarks on his mandate, to clean up the village and the neighbouring estate, by preaching or feasting.

The film also stars Stuart Brennan, Emily Booth, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Tamer Hassan, Shane Richie and Marcia Do Vales. It was written and directed by Neil Jones.

Check out some of the new stills here (including priests with swords - awesome), and check out the rest of the gallery HERE.

Extra Tidbit: This isn't the only vampire flick Rutger Hauer, he stars as Abraham Van Helsing in Dario Argento's DRACULA 3D, coming next year.
Source: Official Site



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