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Breaking the Girl loses original cast, but adds Brit Marling and Madeline Zima

03.23.2011by: Eric Walkuski

The first and last time we heard anything about BREAKING THE GIRL, it was in October of 2009; at the time, the Myriad Pictures project was set-up with director Jamie Babbit and actresses Amanda Crew (THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT) and Adrianne Palicki (the new "Wonder Woman"). You can scratch off those two names as neither appear to be involved anymore; however, BREAKING THE GIRL lives on.

Variety has an update about the film, which sounds like a girl-centric version of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN: Actresses Brit Marling (pictured right) and Madeline Zima (THE COLLECTOR; pictured below) are now on board, with Babbitt still sitting in the director's chair. The screenplay was written by Mark Distefano and Genevieve Turner (AMERICAN PSYCHO).

The plot: Two attractive college students - the innocent and scholarly Sara and the manipulative and sexy Alex, who become more than friends when they make a pact to kill off each otherís nemesis. But Alex soon grabs the upper hand and Sara discovers she is being set up for murder.

Could make for some trashy fun; if I'm guaranteed some lesbian undertones and an all-out catfight at some point, you can definitely count me in.

Extra Tidbit: Zima also stars in TRANCE, the horror romp written by our fearless leader John "The Arrow" Fallon.
Source: Variety



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