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Brian Keene offers up an update & behind the scenes shot from the set of Ghoul

05.28.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Earlier this month was our last update on Chiller TV's adaptation of Brian Keene's genre novel GHOUL. You guys remember that? It was just a bit of casting news that had Nolan Gould and Barry Corbin joining the cast. So what do I have for you today?

Well if you scroll directly below you'll find a behind the scenes shot from the GHOUL set courtesy of Brian Keene! That's him on the left down there alongside "Modern Family" star Nolan Gould. Keene recently posted the shot up on his official website along with this note:

"Hereís me and Nolan Gould (Modern Family) on the set of Ghoul. Iíve said in interviews that Ghoulís Timmy is one of my most autobiographical characters. Now Nolan is playing him, and knocking it out of the park. Itís very strange to see someone playing a fictionalized version of yourself as a kid, and Iím deeply honored and humbled by Nolanís portrayal."

But that's not all! If you head on over to Keene's Twitter page you'll find loads more shots including some make-up pics, cast shots and all that jazz! Just click right over HERE and enjoy!

No one believes Timmy when he tells them he and his friends discovered a ghoul eating the dead in a local cemetery; but when the ghoul starts attacking the living as well as the dead, Timmy realizes it's up to him and his friends to stop it.

Coming from director Gregory Wilson, GHOUL is set to hit Chiller TV later this fall.

Nolan Gould's "Modern Family" co-star SofŪa Vergara

Extra Tidbit: GHOUL is Chiller TV's first original telefilm.
Source: Brian Keene



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