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Brody, Olyphant, others considered for Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

01.13.2011by: Eric Walkuski

I usually don't post much in the way of "so-and-so is auditioning" news because, really, so what? Just because someone is auditioning for a role doesn't mean they'll ultimately get it, or that they're even in serious contention for the part. However, this news is so interesting that I've got to share.

Deadline.com says that, among numerous actors trying out for the high-profile role of Honest Abe in ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, are Adrien Brody, Timothy Olyphant, Josh Lucas, Benjamin Walker, James D'Arcy and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. The first three should be recognizable to you all, but who are the other guys?

Benjamin Walker (pictured right) is coming off his critically acclaimed portrayal of Andrew Jackson in the Broadway show "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson", and was in Clint Eastwood's FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS... Jackson-Cohen is a Brit who played The Rock's foe in FASTER and will soon be seen in James McTeigue's THE RAVEN... D'Arcy is another Brit whom you might have seen as the young priest in Renny Harlin's EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING or in AN AMERICAN HAUNTING.

No one on this list even remotely resembles Lincoln, but then again, this is a movie that envisions the President as a vampire-staking badass, so I guess we can stretch our imagination a bit further... (If I had to chose, Brody probably bears the closest resemblance.)

The flick is being directed by Timur Bekmambetov and produced by Tim Burton; it has a JUNE 22, 2012 release date set.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen in FASTER


Extra Tidbit: Of this crew, who do you think would be the best Lincoln?
Source: Deadline.com



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