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11.12.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Even as it continues to roll out across the country, there's already talk of doing a sequel to MY NAME IS BRUCE, which I'm sure you don't need described to you. It's not breaking any records, but apparently it's collecting enough good will to warrant revving up another one right away. ShockTillYouDrop got the details from producer Mike Richardson, who explained what it's going to be about:

"We have an idea where [Bruce] is going to visit a country in Europe and he thinks he's got an all-expense-paid stay there," he explains. "They put him up in a big castle and he thinks there are groupies running around, but they're not really groupies, they're minions. It's Bruce and he's going to play the same clueless character."

Obviously, this will remind more than a few of ARMY OF DARKNESS, which I guess is a natural progression for the series. Will it rise above th lukewarm critical reception BRUCE has received though? At the moment it only has ten reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but only one of them is positive. But as Richardson explains, this obviously isn't meant to be an award contender:

"It's unfortunate about some of the reviews that came out of the press that were by people who don't get [My Name is Bruce] at all... We made this for the fans and for a specific fan, the Bruce fans. I count myself as one. Every Bruce fan we've shown this to has a lot of fun."

Is MY NAME IS BRUCE coming to your town? Find out HERE.

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