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Bruce Campbell-starring Moontrap getting 25th Anniversary Blu-ray and sequel

08.18.2014by: Kevin Woods

How many of you out there remember 1989's MOONTRAP? The sci-fi film starred STAR TREK's Walter Koenig and EVIL DEAD's Bruce Campbell as two astronauts who discover an alien artifact and return to the moon to face an alien menace. I recall seeing the box art at my local video store back in the day but honestly can't remember if I ever sat down to watch the flick. Reading up a bit on it online I see that it is fondly remembered by a lot of folks so now I'm curious to see it for myself. I won't have to wait long as the flick is getting a 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release from Olive Films in November, and we've got the details on the release for ya below!

Here's what the film is about:

During a routine flight, two veteran space shuttle pilots ("Star Trek’s" Walter Koenig and Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell) discover an alien artifact and bring it back to earth. It soon turns out to be an extraterrestrial war robot that is able to recycle any biological or technical material for its own deadly use. The two astronauts are sent to the Moon, where NASA expects to uncover the mystery of the alien robot's origin. They discover an ancient humanoid culture and battle the ultimate threat of the war machines heading to earth.

The film has been newly remastered in HD for its special 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release coming from Olive Films on November 4th (which you can pre-order HERE). Disc extras will include a new video interview with Bruce Campbell and Walter Koenig, another new video interview with director Robert Dyke and writer Tex Ragsdale, and an audio commentary track with Dyke and Ragsdale.

Not only is MOONTRAP getting a 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release, but the film is also getting a sequel in the form of MOONTRAP: TARGET EARTH. Unfortunately, the sequel will not star The Chin, but Ragsdale and Dyke are returning to write and direct. Instead of having any holdovers from the original cast, MOONTRAP: TARGET EARTH will star Charles Shaughnessy ("The Nanny"), Sarah Butler (the 2010 remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE), and Canadian newcomer Niki Spiridakos. Here's a synopsis from the films official Facebook page:

Moontrap: Target Earth deals with the discovery of an ancient spacecraft on Earth, left behind by an advanced human civilization, now lost in the distant past. A young woman studying the ship suddenly finds herself transported to the Moon, to confront the gigantic machines that guard the secrets of those long-ago lunar voyagers.

I'm definitely gonna check out the original MOONTRAP as soon as the Blu-ray is released on November 4 and we'll keep you up to date on news regarding MOONTRAP: TARGET EARTH as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen MOONTRAP? Are you excited to hear it will be getting a 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release?



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