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Bryan Loves Trailer

10.19.2006by: Ammon Gilbert

Not too long ago we hosted a contest for some sweet masks from the upcoming "cults are crazy" movie BRYAN LOVES YOU, starring Tony Todd, George Wendt and Tiffany Shepis. Today they let us know that the flick's first OFFICIAL TRAILER is now online, and boy does it look promising!

Based on some true events of a cult in Arizona, BRYAN LOVES YOU shows the inside world of this particular cult with the creepy masks through uncovered footage eyes. And while it's super rough, as it's still working through post production, there's something unsettling about this cult... and yeah, it mainly has to do with those freaky ass masks!

To see what I mean, head over to the flick's OFFICIAL SITE, and check it out for yourself. It'll likely send you to a MySpace page, but no fear... all those pages feature the trailer.

Also to note about this flick is all the weird shit that's been going on in preparation while filming. First, a phony casting call was posted in The Arizona Republic that almost shut down production, then footage and later the first trailer was stolen and released on the internet, warning people that the film was full of lies. Weird, weird shit... or a mass publicity stunt? I guess we'll never know.

Check out all these cool pics they sent our way as well, and be sure to hit that TRAILER up and see what all the fuss is about. BRYAN LOVES YOU is looking to hit theaters Halloween 2007.

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