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Buddy Holly vs zombies?

06.21.2007by: Scott Carmichael

Oh, yah. You heard right. The man that virtually started rock n' roll has taken it upon himself to help rid the world of the walking dead; and to this I say SWEET!

What I'm talking about is the film BUDDY HOLLY vs THE LIVING DEAD, which is actually about rocker Holly and a group of bopping teens who have to fight against the living dead. In actuality it's about conformity, fanaticism, idolization and the evil descent of wholesomeness; but I prefer to simply think about some kooky zombies getting their heads bashed in by a 55 Fender Stratocaster.

The film will be directed by Justin Cash Kirkpatrick and contains a bevy of 50's stereotypes. We've got Bobby, a rebel wrapped in leather and blue jeans, the very definition of cool. Rosie, she’s Bobby’s girl, tough as nails but sweet as cotton candy. Jimmy, a closet bookworm just trying to fit in and the new guy in town. And Peggy Sue, cuter than a pail full of kittens, she's along for the ride and in over her head. And of course a young , unknown rocker by the name of Holly. The group attends a show of Holly's when on the outskirts of town a group of corpses re-animate because of government experimentation and have to be brought to justice by the sexually oppressed teens.

I really love this idea. I'm super excited and would love to see a slew of horror films containing classic rock icons fighting numerous monsters. We've had Elvis vs a mummy in BUBBA HO-TEP, now Holly vs some zombies. How about Chuck Berry vs Frankenstein and Jimmy Hendrix against Godzilla. Seriously! Is someone writing this down, this is good stuff!

To find out more about the very cool sounding BUDDY HOLLY vs THE LIVING DEAD click here to check out the official site. Also what rocker would you like to see fight a classic horror archetype? Spit some bullets below with your fav!

How about Fergie wrestles my pants off...
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