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Bunnies on a Plane

11.16.2007by: Ammon Gilbert

Those creative mofo's over at Starz Bunnies are at it again, this time re-enacting the snakes and planes epic SNAKES ON A PLANE!

Some hate SOAP, others found it to be the greatest thing since gratuitous nudity, me... hell, I found it to be entertaining as hell and felt it delivered everything the audience asked for. So if you're a hater, I think the lesson is be careful what you ask for? Maybe? I don't know, but that sounded pretty clever to me...

It still amazes me how they can throw together a 30 second clip that pretty much sums up an entire movie. Geniuses, I say! To have a blast with them muthaf*ckin' snakes on that mutha*ckin' plane with muthaf*ckin' bunnies, go ahead and click HERE. And yes. They even kept the line.

Source: StarzBunnies



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