Bunny Game director prepares hardcore western Save a Bullet For Me

Adam Rehmeier, the director of the vicious and controversial horror film THE BUNNY GAME, has lined up his next project, which sounds quite a bit different. Although rest assured, it'll still be unsparingly brutal.

Rehmeier is currently working on SAVE A BULLET FOR ME, which Screen Daily describes as an action-horror film set in the 19th Century. You'll recall THE BUNNY GAME making a stir a few years ago when it was banned from UK cinemas by the ratings board.

SAVE A BULLET FOR ME focuses on the aftermath of a brutal massacre, where two wounded frontiersmen make a desperate last stand against a native American war party.

Rehmeier said: “This is not your grandfather’s Western. There are no heroes or morality tales. This is a visceral, animal of a film, stripped down to the most primal fight-or-flight level possible."

The film is being produced by Vancouver-based Brightlight Pictures (which produced the Robert Redford-directed THE COMPANY YOU KEEP, with shooting expected to commence at the end of this year.

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Source: Screen Daily



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