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Buried teaser trailer has Ryan Reynolds begging for a million

01.21.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Ready to bow at the Sundance Film Festival, BURIED looks to be a tolerable Ryan Reynolds movie, a new genre which I never imagined possible. Of course, Reynolds will have to bring his A game if we're going to be forced to look at him sweat and freak out in a box for 90 minutes; let's hope director Rodrigo CortÚs made him go "method" by actually locking him in a coffin... You know, for the art.

Paul Conroy is a U.S. citizen working as a contract driver in Iraq. After a swift and sudden attack on his convoy, he awakens to find himself buried alive inside a coffin with nothing more than a lighter, a cell phone, and little memory of how he ended up there. Faced with limited oxygen and unlimited panic, Paul finds himself in a tension-filled race against time to escape this claustrophobic deathtrap before it's too late.

BURIED will have its premiere Saturday JANUARY 23rd, in Park City, Utah.

Extra Tidbit: If Reynolds WERE to mysteriously disappear off the face of the Earth one day, I'd be more than willing to help console Scarlett. It'd be the right thing to do.
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