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Butterfly Effect 3 for AD

05.16.2008by: Jared Pacheco
A week ago I told you all how After Dark Films are looking to start producing their own films for their annual Horrorfest. Well a new flick has been added to the mix... one we may know a thing or two about.

I'm talking about THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3. Yup. The second sequel to the badass BUTTERFLY EFFECT is in the works. What? You haven't heard of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 2? Don't worry... not many have.

This news comes via a press release stating that BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3 will be at Cannes looking for some foreign sales. BenderSpink and FilmEngine are joining After Dark Films in producing the sequel. Laura Ivey, Stephanie Caleb, and After Dark's CEO Courtney Solomon will be executive producing.

Principal photography is set to start September 1 in Vancouver. THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3 follows a young man discovers he has inherited the powers of "The Butterfly Effect" and attempts to solve the mystery of his high school girlfriend's death using his newfound ability, only to unwittingly unleash a vicious serial killer.

That sounds like a whole bunch of fun to me. Holly Brix penned the script, who's other credits include THE LOST GIRLS and MILE ZERO. BenderSpink's Chris Bender had the following to say:

“We’re taking the Butterfly Effect to a whole new level of insanity. Holly’s script is a tremendous ride and her take on time-travel is one that’s truly original. This film will blow audiences away. We’re thrilled to bring this franchise back to the big screen through After Dark Films and Horrorfest.”

While After Dark's Courtney Solomon added:

"After Dark is very excited to be partnering with Benderspink in bringing such a high caliber, proven franchise together with our ‘8 Films to Die For’ series. The success of The Butterfly Effect films substantiates the quality of product that Horrorfest will showcase."

Casting is currently underway, so we'll keep you posted on any updates. I highly doubt Amy Smart (below), the beautiful star of the first film, will be back.

Source: AITH



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