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Cabin in the Woods star Kristen Connolly is ready for Slumber

11.02.2015by: Eric Walkuski

She may not have made it out of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS alive (pretty sure no one on Earth did), but the lovely Kristen Connolly is ready to take on the supernatural once again in SLUMBER, a paranormal thriller being shopped at AFM.

Slumber tells the story of...

Alice, a rationally minded sleep doctor, who is forced to abandon scientific reason and accept a family is being terrorized by a parasitic demon which has existed in every human culture since records began. Paralyzing victims as they sleep, the ‘Night Hag’ is the original Nightmare.

SLUMBER will be directed by commercials director Jonathan Hopkins from a script penned by Hopkins and 2013 Blood List screenwriter Richard Hobley. Producing will be Mark Lane and James Harris of The Tea Shop & Film Company (47 METERS DOWN).

Source: Screen Daily



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