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Cabin/Bones get new dates

12.05.2008by: Eric Walkuski

I hope you aren't really excited for Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES or Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard's THE CABIN IN THE WOODS because it's going to be a while before you see either of them. Both flicks have been pushed back significantly, and while in the long run both moves might make sense, it's still a bit of a bummer...

Jackson's BONES - which tells the story of a young girl's spirit as it watches her family and murderer deal with the aftermath of her death - was originally supposed to come out on 3/13/09. Of course, we haven't seen a single trailer, image, poster, anything from it (except for the on-set photo you see above), so this isn't a huge surprise. Its new date is 12/11/09. Is this so it can be an award season contender? Reshoots? Jackson's being a crazy perfectionist? I think all three are likely...

Meanwhile, the Joss Whedon-produced, Drew Goddard-directed CABIN IN THE WOODS, of which we really know nothing about (other than, you know, it's probably set in a cabin in the woods) has been pushed all the way from 10/23/09 to 2/5/10. Yikes! This is most likely due to the fact that it was going to square off against SAW VI and for better or worse, you just can't do that. These SAW movies automatically make about $30 mil opening weekend, so it's a wise move for the CABIN to relocate. Still, it's pretty hard to get excited about a movie that's coming out in 2010.

LOVELY BONES star Susan Sarandon. Is there such thing as a GILF? Looks like it...

Source: Box Office Mojo



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