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Canadian undead comedy Little Bit Zombie shoots next month

05.24.2011by: Eric Walkuski

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Canada is set to infect us with yet another zombie flick. This one is a comedy called LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE, and it's getting ready to shoot next month in Ontario.

Crystal Lowe (WRONG TURN 2), Kristopher Turner, Shawn Roberts (RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE), Kristen Hager (MANSON, MY NAME IS EVIL) and Stephen McHattie (WATCHMEN) are all line up to star in the film, which comes from director Casey Walker.

LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE sees Turner play a company exec who becomes infected by a virus during a bachelor party, forced to avoid an obsessed zombie hunter and his Bridezilla-to-be (Crystal Lowe).

Could be amusing, don't you agree? Shooting begins in June; you can sign up for updates at the film's official site.

Extra Tidbit: You an see A LOT of Crystal Lowe (above) in FINAL DESTINATION 3 and WRONG TURN 2...
Source: THR



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