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Cannibal Island gets populated?

01.03.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Here's a juicy piece of rumor that may be a little hard to swallow - but if it turns out to be the truth, then we're in for a bloody treat! Bloody-Disgusting is floating the news that actors Viggo Mortensen and Philip Seymour Hoffman are both "in talks" to join the film VANIKORO, which is a period piece/cannibal film from FRONTIERE(S) and HITMAN director Xavier Gens (I wrote THIS ARTICLE about it a few months back).

These are two of the finest in their field, so it sure tickles me to think they might take part in what sounds like a helluva flick. Here's the synopsis, courtesy of Bloody D:

The French explorer La Perouse, was wrecked on Vanikoro in 1788. The ship Boussole was destroyed on a reef along with most of the crew. The second ship Astrolabe was also wrecked, but survivors salvaged enough to build a small ship and sailed away. Two survivors remained on the island into the early 1800's.

Well, it fails to mention that yes, there are cannibals residing on the island. And yes, me wants to see this movie right NOW! Hopefully we'll receive info soon regarding this MASTER AND COMMANDER of cannibal films!



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