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Canyon goes Theatrical

10.16.2009by: Jared Pacheco

If you're a fan of man vs. nature genre flicks then I'm sure you're looking forward to Richard Harrah's THE CANYON. We've been keeping you up to date on this little indie flick about a couple young newlyweds who decide to spend their honeymoon frolicking in the wild and wide expanse of the Grand Canyon, a longtime dream destination for the groom. But when a charismatic and mysterious guide arrives, their wedded bliss suddenly turns into a story of survival. Then there's wolves and stuff.

It seems THE CANYON is turning enough heads to get a very limited theatrical release. Or perhaps it's not turning any heads at all but instead the crazy success of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY might have studios putting a bit more faith in their indies... Hmmm. Whatever the reason Magnet are planning on dropping THE CANYON in six cities starting October 23rd. Here's the lineup:

10.23: Denver, CO - Chez Artiste
10.23: West Hollywood, CA - Laemmle Sunset 5
10.30: Cambridge, MA - Kendall
10.30: Dallas, TX - Inwood
10.30: Minneapolis, MN - Lagoon
10.30: San Francisco, CA - Opera

The guys over at Dread Central were kind enough to throw up three new stills for THE CANYON you see above and below as well as the newest poster. Go ahead and scroll around to check that shite out. And if you happen to be around one of those cities above later this month be sure to check out THE CANYON.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't yet you should check out the trailer for THE CANYON.
Source: Dread Central



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